Video talks from FascinatE training day now available!

Each of the technical talks from the FascinatE training day were recorded and can now be viewed from our video gallery.

The 5 talks are as follows:

- FascinatE introduction: Georg Thallinger (JRS) introduces us to the FascinatE project, it’s history, goals and acheivments.

- AV Acquisition: Gramham Thomas (BBC) and Rob Oldfield (UOS) talk respectively about the video and audio capture techniques developed for the FascinatE project.

- FascinatE delivery: Jean-Francois Macq (ALU) and Omar Niamut (TNO) guide us through the principles of delivering the large amounts of data to end users over a network with different bandwidth constraints.

- Virtual Director: Rene Kaiser (JRS) explains the principles and workings of the FascinatE virtual director and how it makes automatic production choices based on salient content.

- Audio Rendering: Rob Oldfield (UOS) and Holger Kropp (DTO) describe the format agnostic audio rendering engine in FascinatE .



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