Live Ultra-High Resolution Panoramic Video

In the advanced format-agnostic production framework developed by FascinatE, real-time acquisition of ultra-high definition panoramic video is essential because this enables either the production side or the end user to select interesting viewing directions independently of what the camera operator shot. The omni-directional camera developed by Fraunhofer HHI uses six HD cameras mounted on a mirror-rig to capture an ultra-high definition 180° panoramic video with a resolution of 7000 x 1920 pixels. The major challenge here is blending and stitching these six camera views to form one single panoramic image. Even in panoramic video, the viewer is quite sensitive to incorrect stitching and blending if moving objects passing the border between views. Hence, a set of geometrical and photometric corrections have to be applied to each camera view as well as the careful blending of image borders. Fraunhofer HHI is presenting its Real-time Stitching Engine capturing 6 HD cameras at 25 FPS and stitch them together to a panoramic video at 6984 x 1920 pixel resolution. The real-time panoramic video can be observed at a large screen next to the omni-directional camera.

3D OmniCam

The Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute HHI has developed a scalable, mirror-based, multi-camera rig that can be used for capturing immersive high-resolution 3D video panoramas. With its special mechanical and optical features it enables an optimal arrangement of multiple HD stereo cameras that solves the fundamental dilemma between parallax-free stitching of video panoramas on the one hand and the parallax needed for 3D stereo reproduction on the other. The rig is scalable in increments of 24 degrees and supports acquisition of live 3D video panoramas of up to 360 degrees with a maximal resolution of about 15.000 × 2.000 pel for each stereo view. The prototype of this new 3D camera can be seen at the FascinatE booth.

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