The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek, TNO) is a not-for-profit research organisation. TNO’s public mission is to support industry and society in general in transforming knowledge into products and processes of economic and societal value. In the innovation ecosystem, TNO acts as an interface between science, users and the market. TNO’s customers value its broad knowledge base and its independent position. Within TNO, TNO Information and Communication Technology (TNO ICT) focuses at gains that ICT can bring to improve the competitive strength of organisations and the society as a whole. As a part of that role, TNO ICT works with many Dutch and European telecom operators and service providers to implement innovations in networks and services. Besides, since 2003 TNO ICT has a strategic partnership with Dutch incumbent KPN. TNO ICT consists of 320 highly qualified professionals that are active in research and development of multimedia, wireless/ fixed networks, and product/service development. TNO is active within DVB-IPTV and ETSI TISPAN on standardisation of Next-Generation IPTV networks and services. Within the CELTIC-EUREKA project RUBENS, TNO is studying media delivery networks with new QoE-assurance mechanisms and interfaces for wholesale content distribution. On a national scale, TNO has been active in national research projects such as MultimediaN and Freeband, and is currently participating in projects concerning Content Interaction Networks. Within the European-funded projects New Media for a New Millenium (NM2), Citizen Media and TA2, TNO has established a firm position on business modelling, business viability analysis and evaluation of business concepts. In the earlier FP6 project MUSE, TNO hosted a trial, presenting a well-received vision on making network resources and user access available to 3rd parties on a wholesale basis. TNO’s access and multimedia labs have been the home for many prototyping activities, demonstrations and user trials on residential multimedia services. In FascinatE, TNO ICT contributes by developing and evaluating new architectures for next-generation media delivery networks (WP1 and WP4), by exploring new service concepts and evaluating their business viability within the FascinatE context (WP1 and WP4), and by performing lab trials and demonstrations of the FascinatE network technology and services (WP6). TNO ICT will approach these topics from a service provider perspective.


Key People

Prof. Erik Huizer is Scientific Director at TNO ICT. He was Vice President for Internet and New Media at Technicolor and Director Strategy, Innovation and Business Development with NOB Cross Media Facilities. He is a part-time professor Internet Applications at University of Utrecht. Some of the topics Erik is involved in are the introduction of HDTV in the Netherlands, User Generated Video Content and Digital Video archives business models. Prof. Huizer currently chairs the Dutch national IPv6 Task Force and the Board of Trustees of Stichting NLnet. He also serves the Board of Trustees for the Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland, The Board of Trustees of the Public Internet Registry (.org), the Advisory Board of Internet Society Nederland and the Advisory Board for the Media- and Entertainment management program at the CHN university Netherlands.

Omar Niamut, PhD, joined TNO in January 2006. He received his MSc and PhD degrees from Delft University of Technology in 2001 and 2006, respectively. He was active in the FP5 project ARDOR where he developed algorithms for universal audio coding. His current expertise lies in IPTV networks, services and standardisation, with a focus on the quality of experience of IPTV over xDSL networks and interactive services over next-generation networks. Since 2007, he has contributed to ETSI TISPAN standards on IPTV in next-generation networks. In 2007, he was also responsible for a team that developed and piloted a social TV service in the Netherlands.

Sander Limonard, MA, works at TNO as a researcher and consultant on projects in the field of business
innovation and modelling. His activities include strategic consultancy, business foresight and modelling in
the field of social media and IPTV IN R&D projects as well as projects for clients ranging from network
operators and broadcasters to Dutch ministries and the European Commission. Sander published extensively
on emerging business models for the AV industry, social media and the ‘long tail’ for content. He
participated in various FP6 and FP7 projects, notably Citizen Media (STREP) and TA2 (IP), in which he
leads the work on business modelling.

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