The Interactive Institute (TII)

The Interactive Institute is a Swedish national research institute performing multi-disciplinary research and innovation within the field of digital media, funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research and a number of private sponsors. The scope of the research lies in the intersection between technology, science, communication and the arts. The objective is to heighten the competence and level of innovation and entrepreneurship within the field in Sweden in order to prepare the country for a future in which digital media play an ever-increasing role in daily life, public affairs and commerce. The institute consists of several research groups, or studios, geographically spread between different cities in Sweden. For more details see The Mobility studio is an interdisciplinary research group within the institute combining computer science, interaction design and sociology. The results from the Studio, which include a number of prototype services, are under constant evaluation by the scientific community to ensure their quality and distinctive character. A number of mobile prototype services, generated within the Interactive Road Research framework, are available such as the photo application MySplittime, which increases the spectator experience; Hocman and Sound Pryer, for enhanced experience of traffic encounters, and context-dependent games for passengers such as backseat Gaming, Road Rager and the Backseat Playground for enhanced enjoyment for passengers in cars. For more details see The studio also belongs to the newly established ten year research Center on the future mobile applications, called Mobile Life VinnExcellence Centre. Here, academic research joins with major industrial players, such as SonyEricsson, Ericsson Research, Microsoft Research and Telia Sonera, to establish a sustained focus, funded with 23 million Euros, on the future mobile eco-system and its applications. In FascinateE, TII will conduct ethnographic studies of prevailing TV production to inform production requirements in WP1. It will then draw upon its ongoing research in this area. TII will contribute to the design of professional interface technology in WP3. Finally, it will conduct studies on existing audience interaction in WP5, generate ideas for applications and interfaces for end users, as well as evaluate them. TII will draw upon its experience in design-oriented research, and more specifically its recent research on future mobile TV production systems.

Key People

Associate Professor Dr. Oskar Juhlin is Co-Director of the Mobile Life VinnExcellence Center. He is also the Studio Director of the Mobility Studio at the Interactive Institute, Stockholm, Sweden. He is Associate Professor (“Docent”) in applied information technology at the IT-university of Göteborg. He holds a Ph.D. in sociology of technology from Tema, Department of Technology and Social Change, Linköping University and a M.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Luleå Technical University. Oskar has worked in many fields related to the sociology of computing. His current approach is a combination of ethnographic fieldwork of user practices and design sessions to develop mobile prototype applications. The research has during the last five years also covered research in computer gaming and mobile media.

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