Softeco Sismat (SES)

Established in 1979, Softeco Sismat S.p.A. ( is a mid-size, highly innovative SME (about 230 staff) and solution provider in several business sectors, including industry, telecommunications, services, finance, security and government. Company solutions, products and services include multimedia and content management applications in various market segments (health care, transport, land and environmental resources management, training and distance learning, etc.); e-Business and e-Work/m-Work solutions in different industrial sectors (e.g. manufacturing, automotive, shipping, biotech, etc.) and service markets (e.g. infomobility, transport, tourism and travel, logistics, health care etc.); mission-critical ICT solutions for industrial, public and private organisations in various areas (e.g. energy production and distribution, telecommunications, traffic and transportation, finance). Softeco have long standing and solid experience in RTD initiatives, with participation to 40+ EU projects, starting from the EC JRCs’ programs and 3rd FP onwards. RTD areas of relevance for the FascinatE project include multimedia content management systems, image analysis, CSCW and e-Collaboration infrastructures and solutions, semantic technologies, context modelling and management, SOAs and intelligent service composition, intelligent workflow management. Recent background work for FascinatE include projects in the multimedia sector – DIRECT-INFO (FP6, IST-506898), MediaCampaign (FP6, IST-027413) and a number of eContent, eContentPlus and e-TEN projects (Worksafe, EuroWorkASafe, ERDDS, COSTE, AquaRing) – projects in the area of e-collaboration and social interaction – MOTION (FP5, IST-11400), InContext (FP6, IST-034718), POPEYE (FP6, IST-034241) – and of service composition, interoperability and SOAs engineering – KWF-GRID (FP5, IST-511385), COMMIUS (FP7, ICT-213876), Q-ImPrESS (FP7, ICT-215013). In FascinatE, Softeco will contribute to different WPs. Their main contributions are in WP3, where they will be involved in the development of the automated scripting engine, with major work on metadata representation and management (T3.1, T3.2). Softeco will also participate to WP1, in the definition of end-user and production requirements (T1.1, T1.2) and in system specification and integration (T1.4, T1.5). Finally, Softeco will contribute to WP6, in all tasks regarding the three demonstrations (T6.1–T6.3). As a solution provider of innovative applications and new technologies in different industrial sectors, Softeco will be mainly interested in FascinatE technologies research and development from the point of view of industrial and business applications and exploitation.

Key People

Marco Boero: M.Sc. with a degree in Informatics and Electronic Engineering from the University of Genoa, Dep. of Computer, Telecommunication and Systems Science. Head of Research & Innovation Division at Softeco, his background includes computer, simulation and automation systems for the industry in various areas, including applications for manufacturing systems, transportation, training, resources and risk management. He is experienced in advanced ICT and modeling methods, including Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Systems, Cooperative Working and Decision Support Systems, simulation and training. He is co-author of more than fifty international papers. He has more than fifteen year experience in the field of international and national RTD, with participation to 20+ projects, often in the project manager or project coordinator role.

Marco Masetti: Born in Genoa (Italy), M. Sc. with a degree in Informatics and Electronic Engineering from the University of Genoa, Dep. of Computer, Telecommunication and Systems Science. He is a Team Leader at Softeco since 1996. He was formerly a senior consultant in the industry services division of Cap Gemini. In 1999 he joined the R&I Division of Softeco as technical project leader Previous RTD projects include: QImPrESS (FP7, ICT-215013), MediaCampaign (FP6, IST-027413), Direct-Info (FP6, IST-506898), MOTION (FP5, IST-11400), KWF-GRID (FP5, IST-511385). His research interests cover different areas including: media content extraction and management, media monitoring, distributed platform for media and intelligent content search and delivery, groupware and collaboration architecture, knowledge and content management, open source development. He is member of the GLUG Linux Users Group and an active member of the international Open Source community.

Andrea Poggi joined Softeco in April 2004. He received his Dr.-Ing. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Genoa in 2000 and his PhD in 2004. During his PhD course he worked on 3D graphics related national projects, addressing the problems of semi-automatic recognition of 3-dimensional objects from still images and real time polygonal reduction. He was also involved in different European funded projects in the automotive field, mainly dealing with in-car human-machine interfaces, like ACTIVE and COMUNICAR. In Softeco, after a three-year period in which he worked in the industrial automation (Siemens) and telecommunication (Ericsson) fields, he joined in 2007 the Research & Innovation Division. Here he worked on media related European projects, taking care of image and video management, processing and storage, like in the FP6 project MediaCampaign. Since February 2009 he is also working in the internal team responsible for the development of a biomedical imaging applications.

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