Joanneum Research (JRS)

Located in Graz, Austria  JRS is a non-profit organisation concentrating on applied R&D with a highly qualified staff of more than 390 people. Services include R&D for industry, SMEs and public institutions, complex interdisciplinary national and international assignments as well as tailored technoeconomic consulting. They participate in setting up and organising national competence centres, and in many large international projects. The DIGITAL-Institute for Information and Communication Technologies focuses on media semantics, combining R&D into content-based indexing & retrieval with knowledge and semantic technologies. Since Framework IV the institute has participated in more than 45 EU-funded projects. Early projects concentrated on developing algorithms for digital film restoration, resulting in DIAMANT, one of the leading commercial systems worldwide. Most recently tools for media monitoring and advertisement analysis (BrandDetector, PrimaRS) were launched on the market. In its most recent projects JRS is supporting intelligent content production, workflows and distribution, digital cinema, interactive TV and media monitoring as well as new narrative structures for audiovisual content. Most prominent among them are DirectInfo, SALERO, MediaCampaign, PrestoSpace, IP-RACINE, NM2, SEMEDIA, porTiVity, 2020 3D MEDIA, TA2 and the NoE K-Space. Detailed information on projects and publications is available from the website above.

In FascinatE JRS will lead the work on scripting automation, which builds on two strong competences of the institute: audiovisual content analysis and multimedia metadata and semantics. JRS will contribute existing content analysis algorithms and develop new and improved ones targeted to the requirements in FascinatE. For scripting automation JRS will build on the experience in modelling metadata of audiovisual media in archiving and media production and previous research on authoring tools for interactive and non-linear media.

Key People

Werner Haas (Head of the Institute) has participated in European Research Programmes since Framework IV also working as a reviewer, evaluator and expert for the Commission in various fields. He is a member of national advisory boards and conducted numerous studies in consultancy and development projects.

Georg Thallinger (Senior Scientist) has been working with JOANNEUM RESEARCH since 1992 in the fields of scientific visualisation, software engineering and digital media with a focus on film restoration,content-based indexing and media monitoring. He has successfully managed numerous national and international projects in the field (e.g. DIAMANT, DETECT, restoration work area of PrestoSpace, SALERO).

Werner Bailer (Key Researcher) received a degree in Media Technology and Design in 2002 for his diploma thesis on motion estimation and segmentation for film/video standards conversion. His research interests include digital film restoration, audiovisual content-analysis and retrieval and multimedia metadata. He is working on a PhD thesis on the topic of multimedia content abstraction.

Rene Kaiser studied Software Engineering at FH Hagenberg. He is a research fellow at JOANNEUM RESEARCH and a PhD student at TU Graz since 2008. His main research experience is in Media Semantics, Knowledge Representation, and automatic non-linear video production. Rene has been involved in the European research projects NM2, Aposdle, TA2 and FascinatE.

Gert Kienast received a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in 1997 for his Diploma Thesis on a shape-from-shading algorithm applied to satellite radar images. He is now a researcher in the areas of multimedia analysis, semantic annotation and search recently working in the European projects SALERO and SEMEDIA.

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