Technicolor (DTO)

TECHNICOLOR S.A., with its approximately 20,000 employees worldwide, is one of the world’s leading technology enterprises in the media industry. Technicolor is focused on its content creator customer base, leveraging its outstanding market position, the strength of the Technicolor brand with film and television studios, its in-home delivery assets (set-top boxes and gateways) and its research and licensing capabilities. The main business areas comprise solutions for digital content/media as well as for audio/video networks in the professional and consumer domains.

Technicolor’s Research & Innovation site in Hannover (Germany) is part of Technicolor’s worldwide R&I organisation. Legally, the Hannover site is referred to as “Deutsche Thomson OHG (DTO)”, a 100% owned Technicolor subsidiary. DTO Hannover is an R&I centre founded in 1983 and is dedicated to application oriented research, generating intellectual property and contributing to standards organizations as well as to support innovative product development and business units. DTO comprises a unique skill set being established by a mix of experienced experts with an actual staff size of 50 graduated engineers including PhDs, and a supplement of several students.

In FascinatE, DTO will lead WP5, which is dedicated to the retrieval and rendering of complex scene images to be displayed on a variety of end devices. This will cover stationary devices like set-top boxes to drive all kinds of large-area displays with high-resolution capabilities as well as mobile devices with a reduced resolution and smaller display dimensions. DTO will further investigate which kind of end user interactivity for controlling the display of content could be applied to each type of the displays. DTO will also contribute to the specification of the FascinatE spatial audio acquisition and coding scheme. This comprises both sides, the acquisition of sound signals at the shooting area (WP2) as well as the retrieval of signals and their rendering to spatial sound events (WP5). The latter process has of course to be adapted to various kinds of receiving devices.

DTO will use its experience from previous activities and cooperative projects funded by the federal govern­ment of Germany or the European Union in the areas of compression, storage, distribution and networking such as ACTS VALIDATE, COM­MEND, ITEA HomeNet2Run, BRAVISSIMO, MediaNet, 2020 3D Me­dia, IRMOS, IP-RACINE and AMSAS/4GOOD. Also, DTO will build on its knowledge and long series of contributions to international standardisation bodies such as ISO MPEG, DVB, TV-Anytime Forum, DVD Forum, Blu-ray Disc consortium, ETSI, and HDMI. The Technicolor group as a whole has made active con­tri­butions to all the major standards groups for moving images and sound.

Key People

Dr. Jens Peter Wittenburg

Dr. Jens Peter Wittenburg is Director of Strategy for Technicolor R&I’s Enhanced Media program. He holds both Diploma (Master) and Doctorate degree from the University of Hannover. Before joining Technicolor in 2002, Jens Peter conducted research on programmable and dedicated solutions for MPEG and other video processing systems at the University of Hannover’s Information Technology Lab. In his current role, Jens Peter is responsible for technical directions, strategy and business relevance of roughly one third of Technicolor’s R&I. His projects are focusing around 3D and compression of audiovisual content.

Dr. Uwe Riemann

Dr. Uwe Riemann is Manager of Scientific Partnerships & Collaborations. In this position he is member of the FascinatE Steering Committee. He received his Diploma and PhD degree from Technische Universität Braunschweig before he joined DTO in 1998. As Lab Manager he has been responsible for several research projects in the area of digital television (DVB), digital home networking and network protocols for high speed transmission.

Axel Kochale

Axel Kochale is Senior R&D Engineer in the Image Processing laboratory with a long standing experience in video acquisition, streaming and storage where he also led several national and international projects. In 1993, he received his Diploma by the University of Applied Science in Hannover and joined Thomson Research to work on several aspects of developing video platforms such as solid state recorders or 10G-Ethernet connected cameras.

Malte Borsum

Malte Borsum is Senior R&D Engineer in the Image Processing laboratory. In FascinatE he is responsible for video rendering and the task leader of T5.1. He received his Diploma degree from the University of Hannover before he joint DTO in 2000. As research engineer he was responsible for several ASIC developments and research projects related to video compression and image processing.

Jens Spille

Jens Spille is Senior Scientist in the Audio & Acoustics laboratory. In FascinatE he is responsible for audio acquisition and rendering and the task leader of T5.2. He received his Diploma degree from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum before he joint DTO in 1987. As research engineer he worked on standardization and implementation of Digital Audio Methods. As Quality Manager he was responsible for the implementation and training of a lean and agile Quality Management System.

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