Project History

I am happy to introduce you to FascinatE! Since February 2010 our consortium, consisting of eleven partners spread over Europe, is working to implement our idea of the ultra high resolution interactive television service of the future. A full system comprising appropriate capturing and analysis technology, networking components and various terminal devices is being implemented. The capturing side uses as base an ultra high-definition panorama augmented with additional cameras and also 3D and ambient audio. This information is compiled into a layered scene representation together with metadata. The networking components will be able to interpret the layered scene representation and will adapt the content depending on the type of service or the capabilities of the target device. In respect to terminal devices the whole range from high resolution, immersive displays for a bigger audience, home environments with TV-sets down to mobile devices used by individuals are covered. Interaction methods tailored to the device, e.g. hand gestures for big devices and touch gestures for the smaller ones are being investigated. During our first test shoot we had the opportunity to capture a full range of content of the English Premier League soccer game Chelsea vs. Wolverhampton Wanderers.

We will showcase our results at different stages of the project. The first demonstrations were performed at IBC in September 2011. In order to be kept up-to-date on the developments of the project please keep checking this website  or you can follow us on twitter (@Fascinate_Prjct) or on Facebook.

Georg Thallinger,

Project Coordinator

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